By: SheLeadsTech | September 12, 2019

ISACA’s SheLeadsTech program seeks to advocate for and increase the number of women in technology roles and the tech workforce. Much of this effort is accomplished at the local level through ISACA® chapter-held SheLeadsTech events. While the events vary in content, most include women and SheLeadsTech ambassadors who are passionate about helping other women in tech network and find mentor matches with women who wish to gain a support base. These events can also provide practical guidance for technical concepts, soft skills or opportunities to polish speaking skills.

Recently, the ISACA New Jersey (USA) Chapter presented its SheLeadsTech program at the Social Engineering Awareness Conference (SECON) 2019. Mizba Tawa, ISACA New Jersey Chapter president, illustrated the programs goals, which include educating employees in the workforce to overcome unconscious biases against women, developing current and future digital leaders with training and skills development programs, and partnering with allies beyond ISACA to address the lack of women in tech on a larger scale. The program’s keynote speaker, Emma Arakelyan, chief executive officer (CEO) and cofounder of Orion Worldwide LLC., pushed to motivate more women to engage in cyber careers, noting that now is the time for developing women leadership opportunities. Another presenter, Lynn Costani, deputy director of the center for partnership and innovation at the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners, touched upon this as well. She stressed that in an age where cyber itself is growing, we should not see less women enter the field, but more. Finally, the event’s closing panel discussed the importance of networking and mentoring.

Chapter-sponsored SheLeadsTech events such as this help inspire and unite women to increase representation in tech. Everyone interested in progressing further needs the right network and support to grow, learn and encourage others in the workplace to do the same. If you have a suggestion for a SheLeadsTech event sponsored by the local chapter in your area to highlight, please contact


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